$#*! Brian Buys: In Search of a New Television

Curbing my social media usage has been one of the most beneficial things I have done for my mental health in 2018 (mostly Facebook and Instagram). For the better part of past few months, checking Instagram and Facebook was the first thing I did in the morning and also the last thing I did at night. Whenever I would post a new content, I would be consumed by the relentless need to check the counts for the view, likes, or comments.

 In 2018, I have come across numerous articles exploring the direct/indirect correlation between social media usage and mental health. Having been down on this road before (I am not on my first Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts), I knew what had to be done.

The changes I made is simple: by deleting apps from my phone, I introduced a layer of inconvenience to my daily ritual. Originally I tried signing out of apps, but because I have Facebook sign-in enabled for multiple accounts, I found it hard to resist the urge to check Facebook out of habit. The main change I made this time is that I didn’t go completely cold turkey, meaning that I am still using Facebook/Instagram on my computer, which I am sitting in front of less and less these days.

Another app that I deleted from my phone, which I would not have been able to live without for the past few months, is RedFlagDeals. Over the years, I have contributed enough in the RFD community that I have gained a Sr. Member status, but in doing so, I have also developed a habit of buying things that are not necessary. I still have SSDs that are uninstalled; hours of video games that sit unplayed; and copies of Blu-rays that remain wrapped. Many items I have sold for the amount I paid, but it’s otherwise money that I could have saved towards a down payment.

I did, however, replace my unhealthy habits with something a little more productive and provide utility, which is to go through the backlog of video games that I have accrued over many Steam and PSN sales. Sadly my TV died on last weekend, and I haven’t been able to continue my quest for unlocking that next trophy.

Source: https://imgur.com/gallery/bc7z9
Horizon Zero Dawn has been by far one of the best looking game I have played, and it was also the first game I played in 4K HDR. The story was SO GOOD that this was also the first real platinum that I accomplished.

As much as I like Sony electronics (headphones, PlayStation, car deck), having a TV die on me only within the first 15 months of use has been frustrating. I found the lack of customer support for Sony in Canada appalling, as social media channels have been non-responsive, and phone and chat support have been completely unhelpful.

Fortunately for me, the credit card that I used for the purchase extended the warranty on the TV, and the technician that came to provide the quote for the repair has advised that it would be more economical to have the TV replaced in its entirety.
As I wait for my insurance claim to be settled, I am in search of a new TV with similar specifications as the one I had before. The one linked above is only iteratively better than the one I currently have, and I am not so sure of Sony's quality control anymore. 4K and HDR are a must, and I have a size limitation of about 43" as I will also be using this as a monitor for my computer. Based on Android TV page, seems like my options are very limited if I were to insist on having Android TV features built-in. It seems like smaller TV sizes are not a popular space among the major manufacturers so I may have to consider a dual monitor set up for the time being.

Do you have any suggestions? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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